Thursday, February 12, 2009

About Jane and Tarzan

Welcome To Our Secret Pregnancy Blog


I'm pregnant Jane and my husband is Tarzan. Yes, that is me showing some of my pregnancy food craving items after grocery shopping recently. :)

Although our names are made up to protect our identities, our pregnancy story is real. It's VERY real.

You see, I recently became pregnant. No, we weren't trying. It was a COMPLETE surprise. We weren't planning on becoming pregnant, we weren't trying to become pregnant, and this whole pregnancy thing is very new to us - we don't know what we signed up for here! And it all happened on Halloween night 2008 after too many jello shots. (Another story for another day!)

Anyway, we started blogging about our pregnancy journey secretly - not one of our friends or family members know about our pregnancy blog - or ever will know about it. Believe me! We share too much private information there.

Best of all both my husband Tarzan and I post on our blog daily, so if your boyfriend or husband wants to come check us out, I know Tarzan would love to hear from him. :)

So here's the deal. There are so many great blogs about pregnancy and parenting on Blogger. I've been wanting to comment on so many of them, but many required me to have a blogger account. So I set this page up so you can get to know me a little, and so that I can comment on blog posts that I find interesting on Blogger.

To learn all about us, please
see our About Us page.

To read about our wild and crazy lives
during my pregnancy, see the home
page of our pregnancy blog.

We really look forward to meeting you. You are also more than welcome to post comments on our His Boys Can Swim blog - we'd love to hear from you and make new friends!

Thanks - chat with you soon!


P.S... I'm a BIG Twitter user with over 14,000 followers. Follow me, and I'll follow you back! (Details on the upper right side of our pregnancy blog home page.) Or go to:

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